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About Ramriz

Fashion is one of the most visceral forms of art.

What we choose to wear tells a story of who we are. Whether we wear black and leather or pastels and silk, we are creating an inner version of ourselves, whether we realize it or not.


Clothes infuse us with color and life.


Ramriz is not about fashion only, we are talking about community, growth, and hope. 

Ramriz is trying to prove itself as a one-stop-shop for all your clothing apparel need out for the



We are a Nepal-based clothing manufacturer, who identifies themselves as one of

the pioneers in the fabric customization business. Manufacturing clothes for local consumption,

we have successfully been in the market for the last three decades.

Serving to uplift the business to business fashion market we have now, decided to advance

towards the technological scenarios of the commercial product through branding. 

May it be ordering clothes for your shopping outlets or placing orders for your e-commerce or

shop it for your personal use, we make sure you come to us again.


Our clothes are chosen and

designed by experts and quality assured by the best in fields. We will leave no stones unturned to

make your shopping experience as qualitative as possible.



To provide the best-in-class products at a reasonable price is the main motive of the brand. The

the online market being future to various sectors, Ramriz has decided to launch its online platform to

serve the consumers in the end directly. 

Provide the services and products that the customer is interested in.

A businessman who first started trading clothes by buying from one end and supplying it to

another end thought of local manufacturing as a future to the fashion industry. 


Founded in the late 90s, by purchasing fabric from local and turning it into apparel, a small scale

the local manufacturing unit was set up which even started to provide jobs to some people. 

Being persistent in our work for overtime, we changed our strategies, product orientation, and

business approaches.


We have updated ourselves to the ever-changing customer needs. We now

even import the fabric from different countries for our selection and collection. 

Now we stand as a reputed clothes manufacturer in the Nepali ladies' fashion industry. 

Later the company started branding its products as Ramriz which will cover a more diverse

group of cultures, gender, and geo-locations. 

Until then, dear fashion-conscious ladies, Ramriz is humbly here at your service.

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